New Product Coming, A Credit Card Scare, and Phil Got Married!!

New Product Coming, A Credit Card Scare, and Phil Got Married!!

For many people, August is a time to go on vacation or on a beautiful road trip, but for us here at Manmade, it’s a time to recalibrate things and invest time, energy and money into parts of the business that need to be improved ahead of the holiday season.

Tune into this month’s behind the scenes video blog, we have some exciting updates for you:


We broke some big news, Toques are coming!! We’ve been working with a local manufacturing company and hope to release these very soon! 

Stay tuned, we’ll let you know once we have an expected release date!


On a personal note, we recently celebrated a very special occasion, Phil got married! He and his wife had a gorgeous wedding day, filled with joy, laughter and cheer. Along with family and friends, we had a blast and partied the night away! Join me in wishing the newlyweds, Phil and Sarina a lifetime of happiness and love!


We have been gearing up our operations and hiring more team members in anticipation of the holiday season. For us it’s like the start of the playoffs, and we are going for it ALL. 

Thank you so much for tuning in, 

Phil, Anthony, Robert & Berto

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