Record-Breaking Father's Day, Smaller Soap Bar Size, A New Face In Town...

Record-Breaking Father's Day, Smaller Soap Bar Size, A New Face In Town...

Last month, we smashed our all-time records. We were pushed to our limits and were tested from all angles, especially when it came to shipping out orders and customer service. We have a lot to share so please tune in to our behind the scenes series building Manmade: Behind the Brand.


Father’s Day is definitely like a midterm exam for us at Manmade. We work all year round constantly trying to improve all facets of the business and it’s always good to know things like:

  • What’s the most amount of orders we can pack in a day and with how many people?
  • How fast are we delivering on customer service when we have increased volume?
  • How quickly are customers receiving their orders?
  • How is our marketing resonating with our community and potential new customers?

Overall we get a good sense of what our strengths and weaknesses are, where we need to fill the gap/improve, and what our current constraints are.

This father’s day we beat some all time records but we would love to hear any feedback if you’ve ordered recently from us, don’t hold back!!


We were lucky enough to have traveled to southern Ontario on a couple of occasions in June. We were featured on CHCH Morning Live, where we had a chance to tell our story to thousands of viewers. We were also invited to a conference hosted by Meta (aka Facebook). We finally got to meet our account representatives in person and built some special relationships.


We launched a new size of soap bar that’s about less than half the size of our current soap bar. This is something we’re testing to see if customer will be interested in first trying out a small size soap bar before committing to the large size.


We brought on a local friend who happens to also be a very talented content creator and actor, Matthew Giuffrida. He’s appeared in many big shows and movies, including most recently Scream 6. He’s helping us come up with fresh ideas when it comes to our marketing videos, including being an actor himself in some of them.


We’re working on new box packaging for the holiday season as we mentioned in our video, but we’re also very close to launching our blue boxer brief! We also have some other product developments in the works but we’re going to have to keep them under wraps for now!

Thanks for tuning in!

Phil, Rob, Anthony & Berto.

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