Milestone Alert: Blue Boxer Briefs Are Here!

Milestone Alert: Blue Boxer Briefs Are Here!

This past weekend, we launched a  second colour in our boxer briefs and even though to most, it doesn't sound like a big deal, for us at Manmade it was a big milestone!

We created this video for your entertainment!

Our boxer brief was only available in Black for close to 2 years. In order for us to compete with big underwear corporations, we have to be well aware of our constraints, which includes amongst other things: inventory and warehousing. 

What you may or may not realize is that by launching a second colour, it introduces 5 new SKUs to our warehousing, and inventory forecasting operations (1 SKU for each size boxer brief in blue). 

If you haven't seen the blue boxer brief yet, you can check it out here.

In terms of warehousing, it's double the square footage needed as we have to make sure we keep all 5 new SKUs in stock despite challenging lead times on production. 

When we want to add more sizes or styles of boxer briefs, the needs for inventory and warehousing keeps multiplying exponentially. 

Over time we will surely be able to slowly introduce more sizes, colours, and styles, but please bear with us as we continue pushing forward on this journey ? 

We have a few projects already in the works which we hope to announce in the coming months, but we are thinking of doing a light grey for next year (2024).


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