What is BSTL and How to avoid it

What is BSTL and How to avoid it

All men know what BSTL is even without knowing what the acronym stands for: Balls stuck to leg. Yep… we’ve all been there, and it’s a pain that has plagued penis owners across the world for as long as we can remember.

Sweaty Packages

A big cause of BSTL is the sticking that comes from a sweaty package. Sweat tends to make skin stick to other skin, especially with a saggy skin like the scrotum. Keeping your package dry and cool is super important, and you can do this in many ways, by wearing breathable clothing, applying a safe deodorant for your groin, and by wearing the right underwear.

Underwear Material

The fabric that touches your balls matters! It’s why we spent hours researching the best fabric for our underwear! It can affect the breathability, sweat factor, and absorbency of the elements below the waist. First and foremost, you need a fabric that can absorb any sweat to keep your package dry. You also need a fabric that’s breathable and well ventilated. And lastly, you need a fabric that maintains its shape throughout the day and multiple wears so you don’t have to worry about riding up.

Finding the perfect underwear can be difficult at big box retailers since those “popular” options tend to be either made of cotton, which don’t breathe well nor maintain their shape, or polyester options, which have a terribly poor hygiene score.

We recommend our Manmade underwear, crafted from modal fabric and features all the benefits you need in BSTL-fighting underwear, all while remaining amazingly soft.

The Underwear Pouch

The underwear pouch is kryptonite to BSTL. The pouch (or sack) works in a way to contour your friend Richard and the Twins, to separate them from your thighs. This has many benefits, notably for BSTL-avoidance, the reduction of skin-on-skin contact in your nether regions.

The pouch boasts many other benefits like better cooling and ventilation around the boys, support, and overall comfort. It’s a real game changer if you find the right pouch or sack. Stay away from gimmicks like meshes or nets since they can be hit or miss (some of these actually cause more discomfort and restraint).

Living a BSTL-Free Life

One of our dreams for you is to live a BSTL-Free life, and hopefully you will be on your way by following the above steps and guidelines. If you’re looking to upgrade and swap out your old underwear, be sure to check out our Manmade Boxer Brief. We made it specifically to prevent any type of chafing, sticking, or discomfort in your crotch area! 

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