Manmade Entered the Dragons’ Den: How we got there and what’s to come

Manmade Entered the Dragons’ Den: How we got there and what’s to come

When we planned out our 2022 goals and objectives, Dragons’ Den was on the list. It was a lofty and ambitious goal, but an opportunity we had to take a shot at - not only at a chance to raise capital, but to partner with an experienced mentor to help guide Manmade on our early journey. So we applied for Dragons’ Den in December 2021. Here’s the application video we submitted.

2 months later, we were lucky enough to get called for a virtual audition with the producers of the show. Make no mistake, we took full advantage of our ballsy-ness and gave entertainment value!

Several weeks later, we got a call that we were one of the fortunate businesses to get a chance to pitch to the Dragons’ in the Den in Toronto. We were OVER THE MOON and overcome with joy. The next phase of preparation started: preparing to pitch on the big stage!

We prepared relentlessly, studying our numbers, practicing our pitch and making sure this chance would not be missed. The actual pitch was about an hour or so, but it felt like 5 mins. It was exciting and exhilarating at the highest degree. Once we settled into the den and gave our elevator pitch, it started to feel like a casual group discussion.

At this point, we can’t share too many of the details as we are bound legally until the show airs in September or October 2022. If you’ve been following our journey on social media, you may have some hints as to what props we packed with us.

There is no guarantee that our pitch gets aired since CBC overbooks pitches in case of unforeseen circumstances. So if you do want to see our pitch get aired, please take a second to show some love on this Instagram post!

Thank you for taking the time, and we hope to make you laugh on the big screen!!

Phil, Robert, Anthony, Berto

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