Importance of Dry Feet: Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Importance of Dry Feet: Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

There are many benefits to having dry feet. It's not just about having happy feet; there is a connection between dry feet and diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and even poor academic performance in children.

The good news is that keeping your feet healthy does not have to be difficult or expensive. In this article, we've compiled all the information you'll need to learn more about dry feet.

Let's take a look at why keeping your feet healthy is important.

Dry Feet are Better for Diabetes– But Keep Them Moisturized

If you have diabetes, the importance of dry feet is even more critical. However, it’s very important that they are not too dry– you will want to keep them moisturized too.

A lack of moisture in the skin that you have on your feet will make your feet more susceptible to developing cracks that can turn into sores or even worse, infections.

This study conducted by the Mayo Clinic showed that having too much dry skin on your feet can lead to nerve damage and problems with wound healing, which is an important component of managing diabetes.

When your skin becomes dry it becomes more susceptible to cracks or other abrasions. These small sores are called maceration wounds, and they are painful and can make it difficult to treat the wound. As a person with diabetes, you are already more prone to having problems with your peripheral nerves, so keeping your feet healthy is even more important.

Keeping Your Feet Dry To Prevent Heart Disease

In addition to helping manage your diabetes, dry feet can also be good for your heart health. A study conducted in 2002 found that people who had problems keeping their feet dry also had problems with heart disease as well.

When skin becomes dry, it can make your body produce more sweat in an attempt to keep the rest of your body hydrated. Excessive sweating from your feet can create problems. When this happens, you could be at risk of developing heart problems.

Dry Feet Keep Your Joints Happy

If you suffer from arthritis or other joint issues, keeping your feet dry is important. Keeping the skin on your feet dry can help keep you from developing sores or abrasions that could make your situation worse. In addition to helping with joint and muscle issues, keeping your feet dry can also help keep them in a better winter shape as well.

Keeping Your Feet Dry Helps Keep You Happy

There's an old wives tale that says if you have wet or sweaty feet, you may be more prone to having unhappy days. The old wives tale makes sense because when you have wet and sweaty feet, it can be uncomfortable to wear shoes that keep your feet locked in a sweaty environment.

Discolored or cracked skin on your feet could also make people around you think of you less favorably too; who wants to sit next to an unpleasant odor?

Dry Feet Are Good for Children

Children who are going to school or enjoying time outdoors in the summer can experience a lot of wet, sweaty feet. When children get their feet wet, it doesn't take long for them to have problems with small cuts and abrasions on the skin around their toes and heels.

When children go to school or play out in the yard, they should try to wear footwear that keeps their feet dry and helps prevent problems. If they are unable to wear waterproof boots or shoes, a pair of special moisture-wicking socks can help keep their skin dry too.

Dry Feet are the Best to Keep Simple Discomforts Away

Sitting in front of a computer all day long can be hard on the feet. If you use a desktop computer, it may not have roller balls or other devices that help your feet move around freely. When you spend too much time on your feet without moving them around, they can become cold, numb, and painful because of poor circulation.

Lower Your Stress Level

Dry and healthy feet make you feel more confident, allow for better blood circulation, and improve the way other people think of you too. With all of the benefits that come from keeping your feet dry, it's easy to see why everyone should take a few minutes each day to wash their feet so they can have dry feet at all times.

Dry feet come in handy when it's time to get dressed too. Dry feet allow for easier dressing, better mental health, fewer infections from skin problems, and more confidence in general.

The Many Benefits of Dry Feet

Keeping your feet dry is important for making sure you don't develop any problems with your skin. Dry feet come in handy when it's time to get dressed too. For instance, if you want the softest socks or shoes, your feet will need to be clean and dry.

Dry feet allow for easier dressing, better health with your heart, fewer infections from skin problems, more confidence in general, and even help keep the people around you happier. When you make it a priority to have dry feet all day long, it can provide benefits that can improve other areas of your life too.

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