Manmade Soap Is Discontinued

Manmade Soap Is Discontinued

This is a tough post to write but we feel like we owe it to you to always be transparent as the trusted brand for Men’s essentials. 

It’s sad to say but we are discontinuing the Manmade soap bar, possibly for good.

There’s a few reasons why we’ve had to do this but most notably it’s because of:

  1. Logistical challenges - we need to have temperature and humidity controlled warehousing space and we are not set up properly for it (we built a DIY cold room in one of our offices in our warehouse but it’s not big enough anymore).
  1. Focus - we are getting better and better at designing and developing world class apparel products, and at producing those products at scale with a quality first approach. 

The economics of the soap bar were also very challenging, we would only see economies of scale once we’re producing millions of soap bars, which requires a lot of things to go right, and a lot of things not to go wrong.

Thank you to everyone who gave the soap a try, and we look forward to bringing you more top class apparel products very soon.

Stay tuned.
Phil, Robert, Anthony, Berto
Manmade Co-Founders

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