Manmade's Giving Tuesday 2022 - Supporting Our Women's Shelters

Manmade's Giving Tuesday 2022 - Supporting Our Women's Shelters

We deeply believe in paying it forward AND that there is no such thing as a gesture that is too small.

We are extremely grateful for the support and encouragement since we launched September 2021.

Like last year, this holiday season we want to give back.

One cause we do hold dear to our hearts is protecting women and children from domestic violence and abuse .

With over 14 years running, Valora operates as a grassroots not-for-profit. They collect and distribute essentials, gifts, and funds to help 11 different women’s shelters in the Greater Montreal Area.

These goods and funds go directly to helping mothers and children that find themselves in these shelters seeking protection from domestic violence and abuse.

As part of our Giving Tuesday initiative, for the entire day of Tuesday November 29 th, 2022 (ends at 11:59 EST 11/29/2022)Manmade will be donating $5 for every single order placed to be distributed directly to these women’s shelters that are in need.

If you do prefer donating directly to Valora, you can find their link here.


UPDATE (November 30th, 2022)

This Giving Tuesday initiative was a GREAT success.

We raised a total of $2,050.00 through your support and decided to top it up to $2,500.00

These funds will go towards helping victims of domestic violence and abuse across 11 women's shelters in the Montreal region.

From the bottom of hearts, thank you so much for your support.

Phil, Robert, Anthony, Berto

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