Moisture-Wicking Underwear for Men: Everything You Need to Know

Moisture-Wicking Underwear for Men: Everything You Need to Know

What moisture wicking underwear is, why it's so important, and the best material for moisture wicking underwear

Guys, are you suffering through sweaty groins? Do you have to free your balls from sticking to your legs every two seconds? Are you scratching down there because it’s chafing and itchy? It’s a sign that it’s time to get moisture-wicking underwear. 

Moisture-wicking underwear is designed to pull moisture away from your body and to the outside so it evaporates, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what life throws your way. 

You may think it's just a little sweat, but guess again. There’s a whole world of reasons why you need to care about sweat-control in your nether regions, from the discomfort of moisture retention to the hygiene implications and even the impact on skin health.

So let’s learn all about the importance of moisture-wicking underwear, what materials are best, and how to choose the right one for you. 


Why Moisture-Wicking Underwear Matters for Men

Here’s the quick rundown on how moisture-wicking works. It’s primarily based on “capillary action,” which is when liquid moves through tiny spaces within the fabric. Essentially, the sweat on your skin is pulled through small spaces in the weave of your underwear, until it reaches the outside surface where it’s exposed to the air and evaporates. 

A infographic that shows how moisture-wicking underwear works to move sweat

So why does this matter? What’s a little sweat down there going to do anyway? The short answer is, a lot of bad things. Let’s go over them one by one. 



First, moisture-wicking prevents sweat from building up in your groin area, which can be a great source of discomfort. Let’s be honest guys, when it gets swampy down there, nothing feels good, and things start to seriously chafe. Not to mention, your balls are going to constantly stick to your legs. We’ve all been there, trying to adjust our underwear to get our balls unstuck. But discomfort is just the start. 


Hygiene & Bacteria: 

Do you know what thrives in warm, moist environments? Bacteria and yeast. Your underwear, when it gets sweaty, becomes a five-star hotel for those pesky microbes. One condition that is common is swamp ass, which is where your butt is chronically sweaty, leading to funky smells and skin irritation. Moisture-wicking underwear helps keep things dry and fresh down there, reducing the bacteria and yeast build up which can cause unpleasant odors, as well as even infections, which leads to the next point.  


Impact on skin health: 

You know what’s worse than bad smells? Fungal skin infections, otherwise known as jock itch. And it is caused by excessive sweat build up, because all of that moisture and warmth is exactly what fungi need in order to thrive. Once it forms, your skin becomes discolored, it cracks, peels or flakes. It’s also itchy as hell. It’s the worst. 

Even if it doesn’t become this bad, it doesn’t take much moisture to irritate your skin and cause chafing, and then eventually lead to rashes. Which is why moisture-wicking underwear is so important. It clears out all of that sweat to the outside. 


Best Materials for Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Alright fellas, now that we know why moisture-wicking underwear is so important, let's talk fabrics. Moisture-wicking is all about the right material. Good old cotton, however soft it feels, absorbs water, which means it’s going to soak up the sweat and stick to your body in a sweaty mess. Here are the four materials that you need to look out for if you want truly moisture-wicking underwear. We’ll outline the pros and cons of each one. 




- Good moisture-wicking properties.

- Dries quickly, making it suitable for intense physical activities or hot weather.

- Retains its shape well and is resistant to shrinking.

- Generally more affordable compared to natural fibers.


- Can retain odor more than natural fibers, especially with prolonged wear.

- Less breathable compared to natural fibers.

- Some people may experience skin irritation or discomfort due to its synthetic nature.

- May contain toxic chemicals like PFAS


Merino Wool:


- Natural moisture-wicking properties due to the structure of wool fibers.

- Can absorb a significant amount of moisture without feeling wet, helping to regulate body temperature.

- Naturally antimicrobial, which helps in reducing odor buildup.

- Retains warmth even when wet, making it suitable for outdoor activities in various weather conditions.


- Possibly the most expensive option for underwear.

- Requires special care when washing to maintain its properties.

- Can feel itchy.



- Bamboo fibers have natural moisture-wicking properties.

- Breathable and comfortable to wear in warm weather.

- Biodegradable and eco-friendly.

- Can have a silky, soft feel against the skin.


- The process of turning bamboo into fabric involves chemicals that can be harmful to the environment if not managed properly.

- Some bamboo fabrics may not have the same moisture-wicking performance as other materials like polyester or merino wool.

- More expensive than other natural fabrics like modal. 

- Not as durable as other fabrics, it can wear out quickly.



- Made from beech tree pulp, known for its softness and moisture-wicking properties.

- Breathable and comfortable 

- Drapes well and has a luxurious feel.

- Biodegradable and derived from renewable resources.

- One of the more affordable natural fabrics. 


- May require some extra care when washing to maintain its softness.


Here’s our recommendation for materials. If you’re the average person who is just getting into buying moisture wicking underwear, modal is the best material for moisture wicking underwear. It’s not as expensive as bamboo, and definitely much cheaper than merino wool. Compared to polyester it is still quite durable, but it is much softer and breathable, meaning it gives you more comfort. Plus, it hugs your body snugly without being too restrictive. All in all, if you're looking for the best underwear for sweating, modal should be your choice. 

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Choosing the Right Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Now that we've covered the ins and outs of moisture-wicking fabrics, it's time to choose the perfect pair of underwear for your needs. 


Consideration of activity level and lifestyle:

First things first, think about your daily routine and the activities you typically engage in. Are you a hardcore gym buff who sweats buckets during your workouts? Or maybe you're more of a weekend warrior who enjoys the occasional hike or bike ride. Whatever your lifestyle, it's important to choose moisture-wicking underwear that can keep up with your level of activity and provide the right level of support and comfort.

How much you’re willing to pay 

As we discussed, different materials come with different price tags. Merino wool may be super versatile and feel amazing on the body, but it is definitely a luxury item. Polyester is cheap, but you sacrifice comfort and breathability. Meanwhile fabrics like modal combine the best of both worlds, offering softness and affordability. Maybe you want to keep several modal pairs for everyday use, while buying one merino wool pair for the occasional hike. Gauge what your budget is, and shop around a bit.

Evaluating fit and comfort: 

Last but certainly not least, fit and comfort – arguably the most important factors when it comes to choosing underwear. No matter how fancy the fabric, if your underwear doesn't fit well or feels uncomfortable, you're not going to want to wear it. Look for moisture-wicking underwear that offers the right amount of support, particularly for your family jewels, without feeling too tight or restrictive. Pay attention to features like waistband width, leg length, and overall construction to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. And don't be afraid to try on a few different styles and brands to find the perfect match for your body type.


Free your sacks from moisture

Moisture-wicking underwear is a game-changer, and you’ll feel the difference if you’ve been using non moisture-wicking underwear like cotton briefs. Whether you're hitting the gym, braving the great outdoors, or just tackling a busy day at the office, moisture-wicking underwear is your secret weapon for staying fresh and comfortable all day long.

But remember, not all moisture-wicking underwear is created equal. Consider the material, and decide which one you’d like, whether it’s modal with its softness, or polyester with its super durability. It's also important to consider factors like your lifestyle, budget and personal preferences when choosing the right pair for you. 

So go ahead, upgrade your underwear game and take on the world with confidence – your boys will thank you for it. Stay cool, stay dry, and stay fabulous.

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