Got a Pimple on Your Junk? Here's Why They Happen, and What To Do About Them

Got a Pimple on Your Junk? Here's Why They Happen, and What To Do About Them

Pimples can form wherever we have pores on our skin, which means they can literally develop anywhere on our body, and that certainly includes our genitals.

It’s certainly not pretty. Just imagine. You’re about to put on a performance in the bedroom, you take your pants and underwear off and boom, the first thing your partner sees is a bright white spot on your equipment. It’s an instant turn off.

Plus, it’s quite painful, not only because you’re more sensitive down there, but also because your genitals rub against your underwear all day long as you move. If anyone has ever been through the experience, it’s deeply unpleasant at its best, and downright painful at its worst.

So today, let’s talk about pimples on your genitals. We’ll go through why they happen, what you should do about them, and how you can prevent them.

Why do pimples form on your genitals?

Our skin is covered with tiny pores, and these are connected to the sebaceous gland, which produces an oily substance called sebum. Usually, sebum is good because it is released onto the skin for additional protection against friction and moisture. Sebum also carries up dead skin cells so they can be washed off.

However, there are times when the gland produces too much sebum. This overflow of oil can mix with dead skin cells and clog the pore. Throw bacteria into the mix, and this will lead to an infection, causing swelling and inflammation around the pore that’s plugged up. Pus will start forming at the top of the pore, which creates the pimple we all know and hate.

And this process is pretty much the same on every body part, so if you’re asking why there’s a whitehead peeking out from your groin, it’s because of hygiene and excess oil. Plus shaving your pubic hair can actually contribute to this as well. When you shave with a razor (which you shouldn’t do), that can lead to razor burns as well as minor cuts, and as the skin heals you may get pus-filled bumps on the skin.

What should you do when you get pimples on your genitals?

The first thought when you see a pimple on your penis or your balls is that you want to pop it. After all, that’s what we tend to do with pimples on our faces right? Wrong.

Also, do not put over-the-counter medications on your pimples like you do with pimples on other parts of your body. Remember that the skin on your genitals is much thinner and way more sensitive. Common acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid could be too harsh, which could lead to a rash and itchiness, making the problem worse.

The best approach to pimples on your penis and testicles is to simply leave them alone. When you constantly touch acne, it tends to make it worse because of the irritation, so being hands-off is the right way to go for this. Keep the area clean and dry, and the pimple will go away eventually on its own.

If however they do persist, or if you have a severe outbreak of pimples in the area, you might want to consult your doctor. They can provide antibiotics and other acne medications you can take orally, helping to clear out the excess bacteria without causing additional inflammation to the skin.

How to prevent pimples on your genitals

The first step towards pimple protection is hygiene. Pimples are more likely to occur when you don’t wash yourself. Simply taking a shower everyday and scrubbing your nether regions makes the likelihood of pimples growing on your penis a lot smaller.

The second step towards pimple protection is making sure your underwear is clean. Even if you keep your genitals nice and pristine, if your underwear is full of your dead skin cells and other contaminants, then all your showering is not going to change much. So for the love of God, change your underwear everyday, and do not wear old ones. This includes flipping them inside out.

The third step towards pimple protection is ensuring that you are wearing the right underwear. For instance, the fabric can’t be abrasive; it has to be soft and comfortable on your skin. Otherwise, the friction created throughout the day will irritate the skin and that can lead to higher possibility of pimples forming. The other important factor here is moisture. Increased humidity can create the perfect condition for bacteria to fester and this will increase the likelihood of pimples. Make sure your underwear fabric is breathable so it lets out the sweat. If you’re wondering what fabric you should go with, cotton and modal are quite good at this.

Overall, keeping pimples away from your genitals is all about paying attention to self-care. If you wash yourself everyday, pay attention to how you groom your groin, and wear the correct underwear that is kept clean, you will likely never see a single whitehead on your balls or your penis. 

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