How to Prevent Pee Stains on Your Underwear

How to Prevent Pee Stains on Your Underwear

Do you get pee stains on your underwear? You know what we’re talking about. You empty your bladder and then you do the shake, yet after you put your genitals back into place you feel that last bit of drop wetting the fabric.

This is a common problem among men and it gets worse as you get older. You may think you’re not shaking hard enough, but even if you’re practically helicoptering your python this happens inevitably. No matter what, it just seems that we’re destined to wet our underwear little by little.

So you may be wondering what we can do about this. But as with all things, finding a solution means first learning about why it occurs at all.

It’s the Way We are Designed

The urethra, which is the passageway that our urine travels down, is essentially a long tube that is connected to the bladder. So when you’re done peeing, there is still pee left inside the urinary tract.

garden hose

Think of your typical garden hose in the backyard. When you turn off the spigot, there is still water in that hose. The urethra and pee works the same way.

This is then worsened by how the urethra usually travels. The bladder is usually positioned above the penis, which means that if there is anything remaining in the tube, it’s going to be pulled down by gravity. Add to this the fact that the urethra doesn’t travel in a straight line. It bends up and down. Imagine a U-shaped pipe. At the bottom of the U, there’s always going to be water down there. The same thing can happen with the urethra, and as we move throughout the day, this remaining fluid can come out and go down the pipe.

Try Milking It

So if the shake doesn’t work to get rid of your ‘post void residual volume’, what should you be doing? Does the shake even work? Sort of. The problem with the shake is that it doesn’t do anything to get the liquid that’s trapped in the system.

cow for milking

One effective method is called “urethral milking.” This is exactly as it sounds. First, find the area between your scrotum and your rectum. Then, press gently on the area with your index finger and move it forward up over the scrotum, and then to the base of your penis. This squeezes out any remaining liquid that remains. Do this a few times, and then ‘milk’ your penis, squeezing from the base to the tip. As always when you deal with your package, do it gently.

Pull those pants all the way down

You know how you used to think guys who pull their pants all the way down in the bathroom are weirdos? Well actually they might be onto something. There’s a lot of constriction around your groin when you pee. First there’s the tight underwear band, and then there are your pants adding to the pressure. And if you’re not unbuckling, but you’re just zipping down, you have your belt as well. This is a lot of resistance you’re giving yourself, and all of this hinders gravity to do the work.

So in order to ensure that there is no restraint around the urethra while you pee, just ditch trying to thread your penis through the zipper-hole. Just pull them all the way down, relax completely, and let it go to work freely.

man on the bowl

Try Sitting Down

All right men. We know one of the benefits of the penis is that we can whip it out and pee wherever we want, and usually while we stand. But what if we told you that actually women are ahead of us in the game on this one? We’re talking about sitting down to pee.

Before you raise your pitchforks on this, hear us out. It’s important to relax when you pee in order to help get all the urine out. When you’re sitting down, it’s easier to relax and let gravity and pressure do its thing. Also, when you sit down you’re not exactly in a hurry to get the hell out of there. Men always seem to be in a rush when they pee and while convenience and speed that our penis affords is great, maybe it’s also good to give it some time to let it all out. Sitting down helps us develop that patience.

Of course, it’s not for everyone, because it may make you feel really weird. All we’re saying is try it out. It could be a game changer. In fact, sitting down is a scientifically proven way to ensure that no pee remains in your hose. A study published in 2014 discovered that for men with enlarged prostates, sitting down significantly reduced the amount of urine coming out afterwards.Plus, no pee splashing anywhere as a bonus as well as the seat not having to be put up, and guys we know that will keep the ladies very happy.

toilet paper grab

Take a tissue and wipe

This is another trick out of women’s playbook on urinating. Women wipe after they pee not only for the sake of hygiene but also to protect against infection. Women have shorter urethra than men, and this raises their risk of urinary tract infection. Keeping the area dry helps with preventing UTIs for women.

But this is actually a great trick for men as well because even if we have finished emptying, there’s still gonna pee at the end. Moisture sticks to skin and that’s no exception with urine. So in order to dry up those pesky drips that may remain on the tip, taking a tissue and just dabbing it gently may be the best way to go.

Plus, ladies actually may love this a lot. Because let’s be frank gentlemen. Do you want to go down on your partner’s private parts when it stinks of urine (unless you’re into that thing)? Don’t take our word for it. One redditor, when asked on the subject, replied: “Honestly, if my boyfriend would wipe instead of let it drip, I'd give more random head.

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