5 Steps to Take Care of Swamp Ass

5 Steps to Take Care of Swamp Ass

Compared to other places, our asses get less air circulation, and that means sweat tends to build up. This results in a condition known as  swamp ass, also known as having a sweaty ass. It’s a normal bodily function and there is no need to be overly concerned about it. However, it doesn’t feel good, and when swamp ass persists, it can become a chronic problem that plagues your butt with skin irritation as well as overgrowth of yeast and bacteria, which thrive in a moist environment. That can worsen the irritation into  something more serious.

The good news is that swamp ass is totally manageable. It’s all about making sure that your butt gets more air, helping it dry. So here are some ways that can help you with draining that stinky swamp.

1. Don’t sit for too longSitting Long

When you sit, you trap your butt between you and the seat, and that limits air flow to the cracks

This also presses the existing sweat deeper into our skin, making it all even more humid and moist. Try not to sit for too long in a place. Stand up, walk around, grab a cup of coffee, or chat up a colleague. Not only is it good for your swamp ass, it’s also just good in general to stretch your legs from time to time.

2. Wash your butt well

Preventing the swamp from forming all starts with how you treat your butt in the shower . Swamp ass is exacerbated by the proliferation of bacteria or yeast that could have grown in your crack. To wash away all these unwelcome guests, use an antimicrobial body wash and clean your butt thoroughly every time you shower.

In addition, you should wipe well because your poop contains a lot of bacteria in them and depending on how thorough of a job you did, some of that could stay in between your cheeks. So make sure to wipe until nothing comes off your anus on the toilet paper. In fact, you can try to switch to wet wipes, or a bidet to keep it extra clean down there. Just make sure that you dry the area afterwards, since having moisture remain around your bum defeats the purpose.

3. Have proper butt care

Preventing sweaty butt is all about the love and care you put on your delicate cheeks. This also means that you have to selectively apply different solutions. Think of it like your facial care routine.

First, you should apply antiperspirants. The same kind of antiperspirant that you use for under your arms can work on your butt too. You may think that it could be unhygienic to apply the stick to both your pits and your butt crack, but after a shower, your butt is probably as clean as your pits. Just swipe a few times between your cheeks, and it will go a long way in terms of keeping your sweat under control throughout the day. Just remember, don’t apply anywhere near your anus.

baby powder

After that, pamper your butt and balls with baby powder. This absorbs moisture through the day, keeping the area dry. If powder is too messy, then there’s always gel-formula that does the same job.

Lastly, when your butt gets itchy, you should put on some moisturizer. This lowers inflammation and soothes the skin. Just watch out because depending on your skin type, moisturizers can block your pores and invite more sweating.

4. Change out sweaty clothes

Bacteria grow well in environments with moisture, so it helps a lot to keep your clothes around the groin clean and dry. This means that you should always change out of your clothes after a workout .

If you are a person who just sweats a lot by nature, it may help to always keep a change of dry underwear with you, so when it gets too sweaty down there, you can swap them out for a fresh pair in the middle of the day.

sweaty clothes

5. Have breathable underwear.

The most effective way to address swamp ass, however, is having the right underwear.  Despite all the active care you can do, swamp ass is mostly the result of the passive conditions of your butt. Your underwear is likely the only fabric that is in constant contact with your butt, and if your underwear allows sweat to build up over the hours that you wear it throughout the day, no amount of active care will prevent swamp ass from forming.  So, you should always have breathable fabric on your butt that keeps air flowing through your body’s deepest crevices . For instance, nylon is durable but doesn’t breathe well and will more likely keep your butt sweaty. Cotton on the other hand breathes much better and it absorbs moisture which keeps the area dry.

Ideally, we would recommend  modal as the fabric of choice. This fabric, made up of cellulosic fibers, is very breathable, so it doesn’t trap moisture and heat. In addition, modal is even more absorbent than cotton, meaning it is better at keeping your package sweat-free. 

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