Why The Underwear Pouch is the Single Most Important Part of the Boxer Brief

Why The Underwear Pouch is the Single Most Important Part of the Boxer Brief

When we started out as four guys in business, the pouch was the part we decided to focus on because it was a focal point of our passionate dissatisfaction with our underwear. We absolutely despised the way it felt to have our boys all flattened against our body. It was part of why one of us had gone commando.

So, when we began trying out all sorts of pouch underwear during our research phase, we knew the pouch was going to be the thing that makes or breaks men’s underwear. We realized that we could never go back to pouch-less existence after having tried them.

We’re now going to explain why the pouch is an absolute must when it comes to men’s underwear. If you didn’t know or care about the pouch before, you will by the end of this article.

The Pouch Looks Better

Let’s face it guys. We want to show off our boys. This doesn’t mean that we want to trick people into thinking we pack more meat than we do. We just simply don’t want to keep our pride and joy all pressed and flat under tight briefs. Women have the choice of making the most of their assets with their bras, so why not us?

For this, the pouch is perfect for showing off the contours of your sack. It just holds it in place instead of squishing it in, so you can look better when you have your undies on.

The Pouch Feels Better

In addition to looking better, you’ll also feel better. The pouch makes so much extra space for your package, that it is undeniably the better experience compared to tighter counterparts.

A lot of this is due to the way most of our underwear is designed, particularly for any type of briefs. It keeps the groin area pressed, which squeezes our balls closer to our body. Naturally, there’s less room for air to flow through around your stick and stones, and it creates this suffocating feeling down there, especially in the summer when it’s hot outside or while you are doing physical activities. The pouch is the key to helping with all the heat and sweat.

Here are some benefits of all that extra space:

  • Keeps your boys cool because of the fact they are separated from your inner thighs.
  • Keeps your boys dry because the pouch provides increased airflow.
  • Extra space also helps to reduce sticking and gives a little more space for air circulation, reducing the temperature and therefore sweating.

In addition, giving more space to your balls also frees many of your other areas on the groin from discomfort. The pouch keeps your balls from sticking to your legs, or getting bunched up near your gooch, which has its own set of problems in terms of heat and sweat.

The Pouch Let’s Your Balls be as Nature Intended

In a typical boxer brief, your balls move around throughout the day no matter how much they are pressed against your body. What makes it worse is that once they move, they get stuck into a new position. Many of us guys had experiences of how we got our balls settled into an uncomfortable spot while in public. You could squirm all you want, but at the end of the day, you had to try to scoop them into a better position without anyone noticing.

When your underwear has a pouch to contain your balls, it keeps your package in a more natural and consistent position.

There’s also a scientific component to this. When your balls are pressed closer to your body, the higher temperature might heat up your testicles and lower your sperm count. So for the sake of your fertility, it is definitely beneficial to have a pouch.

How to Find the Right Pouch

Not all pouches are equal. To start off, a lot of pouches try to sacrifice function for looks. They try to lift the balls, or even put foam in to make the bulge look bigger. As much as we are fans of making our balls look good, we don’t want to promote false advertising. Also, all this extra stuff to the pouch does not exactly spell comfort.

The best kind of pouches are those that are anatomically correct. These pouches adopt the natural position of a man’s package, allowing them to hang as they were meant to. They prevent squashing, sticking, sweating, and chafing, giving the user a comfortable experience wearing them.

Also, the pouch should be simple. It shouldn’t be burdened with any bells and whistles. If it’s there to create space for your balls to comfortably sit in, then it’s doing the job. Some brands try to push the limits of the pouch by attempting to innovate on the tried and true. For instance, dual-pouch boxer briefs may sound like it’s an improvement, because in general two is probably better than one. But not in this case. Based on our tests, it actually creates more constraint around your balls, making it uncomfortable to wear than their single-pouch equivalents.

As you should whenever you try a new thing, take an experimental approach. Buy one with a pouch that you feel like would best suit your needs, and see how you feel. If it’s not right, then try another.

But we certainly guarantee that having a pouch is definitely better than not having one. 

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