The Importance of Washing Your Feet in the Shower

The Importance of Washing Your Feet in the Shower

How many times have you hopped into the shower and skipped right over the washing your feet part? Yeah, we’re guilty of it, too.

But did you know that skipping this important step can cause some nasty health problems?

The Hospital for Sick Children in Canada has found that not washing your feet can cause Athlete’s foot and other infections. They also reported many people who do wash their feet don't use soap or even clean water! Now we know why you should always take the time to rinse off any bacteria before getting back into those socks, right?

Read on to find out why you should never skip washing your feet in the shower again!

Prevents Foot Fungus

Feet are such a vulnerable part of the body and one that's often covered in dirt. A simple foot fungus can quickly turn into an embarrassing issue if not treated properly - but don't worry!

Washing your own feet with soap every day will keep those pesky things at bay (as well as remove any residue from previous soaks). And never forget: it doesn’t matter how clean or dirty they may seem now; always wash both sides just to be safe!

Saves Money On Antibacterial Soaks

We all know how expensive it is to visit a doctor and pick up some fungus medication. Did you realize that washing your feet can reduce or prevent problems with the condition?

There's no need for costly drugstore soaks when you already have soap at home. Washing them every day will do just fine! Plus– this method of treatment is much cheaper than visiting the doctor and getting expensive prescription treatments.

Prevents Athlete’s Foot

Washing your feet in the shower is a great way to keep fungus and bacteria from acquiring them.

Skipping this step means that you're leaving all kinds of gross stuff behind, which can cause or worsen problems with the Athlete’s foot!

Make sure to always wash away any dirt in between toes, even if it seems like nothing comes off when shining light through the skin. These may be signs there's trouble beneath (you don't want another outbreak).

Washing Your Feet Prevents Itching

Itchy feet can be caused by several different things, like dryness or even fungus! Washing your feet every time you shower ensures that they are super clean and free from any unwanted guests.

Your toes will love you for treating them with TLC. Who doesn't want their footsies happy? You can even kick things up a notch with a foot soaking tub. Try adding a couple drops of peppermint oil and almond oil to the water for a spa-like experience.

Washed Feet Are Happy Feet

Washing your feet in the shower is a great way to keep calluses and dead skin at bay. If you don't wash them, these pieces of our foot's surface can become too thick.

Thick skin on your feet prevents natural disposal by causing an artificial barrier between the soft innermost layer-and everything else outside including dirt particles.

After a good foot soak, you can try to remove some of the built-up skin by gently using a pumice stone in circular motions. Don’t go too crazy on this part, you don’t want to expose too much new skin. A gentle hand is the best way to proceed here.

Washing Your Feet Prevents Foot Odor

Washing your feet is a necessary part of starting the day. When you don’t wash them, sweat and bacteria build-up which causes an unpleasant smell that can last all morning long!

Washing away these pesky odors will leave behind fresh-smelling toes for any occasion--even though we know it sounds like something really boring (but isn't).

Prevents Infection And Disease

Feet are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and other infections. So it's important to wash them regularly or risk having your entire body infected!

Washing our feet can help increase blood flow which cleanses both skin cells on our soles as well as those deep within muscle structures.

This will prevent any future illness from taking hold while also keeping us feeling refreshed all over after each shower.

Reduces Irritation Caused By Excess Moisture

You know how sometimes you wear your shoes for too long and they get really sweaty?

Well, if that happens to us all of the time then my feet are going to be super damp. And when we let our skin stay wet enough it's easier for germs (and fungus) to grow.

Instead, go ahead and wash ‘em off with some H2O and antibacterial soap so that those pesky bacteria don’t stand a chance!

Make Your Shoes Last Longer

If you keep your feet clean, your shoes will end up lasting longer. Moisture is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can eat up the fabrics inside your shoes. This same bacteria can result in shoes that smell so bad they are just plain embarrassing and need to be thrown out.

Washing feet daily with antibacterial soap can help to increase the lifespan of your shoes and socks! Don’t forget to invest in high-quality, moisture wicking socks to really seal the deal.

Remember These Top 3 Tips

We get it. It’s not like you’re going to have this article posted on your bathroom wall so that you can remember all our tips. If nothing else, try to remember these top three most important tips for washing your feet:

  • You can use an antibacterial soap to kill off any fungus or bacteria on our skin as we scrub away all of that dirt from earlier today!
  • Wash your feet for at least 30 seconds. If you have a shower pouf, it’s a great accessory for washing your feet because it will help you scrub all the dirt, grime, and get any dead skin build-up off of your feet at the same time.
  • Dry off with a towel before applying lotion if they feel crispy after being cleaned!

Put Your Best Feet Forward

Whether you're trying to keep your feet healthy or just need a little TLC, washing them daily is one of the best ways to do it. It's so easy and convenient and will only take you a few minutes but will last your entire day long since we all know nobody likes smelly shoes!

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